Packaging design – 5 steps towards a stunning packaging project

Our packaging design and development company is formed from designers, innovators, creators and account managers, creating custom-made packaging solutions.Our skilled packaging engineers are up to date with the latest packaging material innovations and construction trends, while our dedicated designers closely observe and follow the latest fashions in Nordic packaging design. We have created fascinating packaging designs throughout our many years of operation. You can check out our latest packaging projects here.

Packaging design process case study

A leading Estonian prepared food producer came to us with a brown rectangular box, requiring packaging for their new pre-cooked soup. The weight of the product was 2 kg, and the packaging was bigger than their earlier soup packages. What a fantastic surprise it was for us to see a brown rectangular box as the main style guide element and to try to imagine how we could box up a soup in such a package! A go-through of the entire packaging development process can be followed below.

STEP 1 – the packaging consultancy is the first step of successful packaging design project

packaging design
Packaging design from scratch

Packaging design looks for compromises between communicative purposes, functionality and aesthetics, with the main focus on aesthetics. Early packaging consultancy is necessary to give attention to the packaging’s effectiveness and functionality. We map clients’ needs, evaluate the budget and closely consider functionality during the packaging consultation.

This packaging consultation was crucial during the packaging design project in question. We decided that the soup’s packaging needed to be portable, durable and easy to open, and that we should highlight the product inside the packaging. All these manifestations came as a result of several consultations and meetings which took place in the beginning of the project. The collaboration with the client was excellent and we came up with specified brief for this packaging project.

STEP 2 – packaging design and development as the most creative part of the packaging project

Creativity is very important in packaging development because it produces packaging which can both surprise and engage the customer. The process of the packaging development and design can be seen in the following picture.

We started with the brown box. During the packaging consultation we came up with the idea that the packaging should have a handle to allow greater portability. Accordingly, the brown box was transformed into packaging with an handle. Following this, we made it more compact. We also proposed a laminate inside the packaging and an opening on the side to make the product’s interior visible.

STEP 3 – packaging prepress and production to put the feet on the ground

packaging design
Final soup packaging design

We developed essential printing, embossing, foil printing, mounting and die-cutting solutions according to the packaging project. We used lamination in this project, which means that we applied a thin layer of plastic inside the packaging. The aim was to make the packaging stronger in order that it would not bruise and the soup would not spill. We also used die cutting to make a hole inside the packaging. The post-production process included affixing the plastic handle to the packaging. Given these concerns, this was an ambitious project which needed the involvement and collaboration of different experts and professionals.

Ambitious soup packaging design was one of our best projects

The client was delighted with the packaging design outcome. We managed to consider all customer needs and develop a surprising packaging design and packaging with through-out functionalities. We offer packaging consultancy, design, development, engineering and production for all local and international companies. Read more about our services and how to contact us!

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