Packaging for children considers their favourite colours and designs. Check out the examples!

Custom design

Packaging development for sales promotions or special events, paperboard products and cardboard advertising items, customised packaging solutions. Place your order!

Gift packaging

Gift packaging is an important component of the gift. Order gift packaging for anniversaries, business meetings, or to motivate the team. Place your enquiry!

HoReCa packaging

Good product packaging is a functional and handy corporate information carrier, which calls for action. Great food packaging acts as an appetiser. Place your order!

Multipack or bulk packaging

Functional multipack or bulk packaging makes the product carriage more convenient. Attractive multipacks help to create an attractive display on the shelf. Place your order for multipacks or bulk packaging!

Retail packaging

Retail packaging affects the company\\\’s business results. Which colour is best for the package? Find out more.

Order high quality packaging easily and reliably

We produce packaging that meets your needs. Our packages are memorable and enduring. The packaging reaches you on time, at a fair price and with the highest quality in mind.

We develop packaging solutions. We produce and sell packages every day. We offer an extensive product range and pleasant service thanks to our long-term experience in packaging design, production and sales.

Your product deserves distinctive packaging. We take responsibility for this.

Consumers make choices from among thousands of products. In addition to the high quality, every product must look beautiful and distinct to win the attention of customers within its field. Our consultants assist clients in developing the perfect packaging, from the selection of the packaging material and organisation of the packages production until the packaging reaches the client.

Order HoReCa packaging or sales packages.

We offer product packaging with two main functionalities: packages for catering facilities and sales packaging. HoReCa packages for catering facilities include coffee cups and pizza boxes, for example. Read more about packages for catering facilities. Sales packages include, among others, boxes or packages for food products and beverages, and packaging for manufactured goods, shoeboxes or boxes for spare parts. Read more about sales packages.


We offer carton packages and corrugated cardboard packaging, gift boxes and containers. We consider product specifics, consumer preferences and your brand’s values when developing the perfect packaging. We provide creative customised packaging solutions characterised by functionality and an eye-catching design. Check out customised packaging solutions here, for example. Children like colourful packaging which helps bring their favourite fairy tale to life, find examples here. For practical-minded clients, we offer sustainable standard packaging solutions or handy bulk packaging to ease the transportation of heavy goods.

Order packages and products for your business marketing and sales presentation needs.

In addition to widespread bulk packaging, transport packaging and retail packaging, we offer packaging solutions for more ambitious clients’ marketing and sales representation needs. Our range includes single packaging and multipacks for spirits, cardboard boxes for electronics, packages for food products, packaging solutions for the basic necessities and many more. Order retail-ready packaging, campaign packaging solutions and cardboard product presentation stands. Find out more about multipacks and bulk packaging. We have created spectacular gift packaging for special events and anniversaries by using carefully selected high-quality materials or elegant additional features. Explore the examples of gift packaging.

We are committed to every activity relating to the packaging design, creation of the packaging solution, packaging production and packaging logistics.

Our client receives the desired packaging conveniently, reliably and with the highest quality.