We guarantee the best quality-price ratio, security of supply, and great customer care

PackWell Estonia is a packaging manufacturing and distributing company. Our goal is to offer products relating to packaging, marketing and advertising concepts.

Pakendifirma Balt Impex Paper

The packaging products that we do not produce, we will deliver to you in cooperation with our partners. We combine both Estonian and international expertise and production powers. We work each day to provide the best possible packaging solutions, bearing in mind the client’s actual desires and needs and the overall market trends. Our team has been forged by over 15 years’ experience and expertise in the packaging manufacturing field.

Our product portfolio includes both FEFCO standard packaging (see more here), as well as customised packaging, for more info see here.

PackWell Estonia – firm packaging firm

Based on our years of seamless collaboration with existing satisfied customers, we are confident that our products and services meet the packaging needs of any client.

We survey your product’s packaging needs. We will find the best suitable solution for you based on your individual requirements. We appreciate honesty and exacting standards in business. This is the foundation for sustainable collaboration!


To be a company with satisfied clients and team. To offer flexible, prompt and high-quality services and products for our clients.


PACKWELL is your preferred partner for presentation packaging and packaging products. Our customer loyalty is based on trust, quality and expertise.