Innovative beverage packages which make your jaw drop

We are dedicated to the development and production of innovative packaging solutions. The development of beverage packages is one of the most vibrant growth sectors in the packaging design field. We have been involved in the development of over ten new beverage packages concepts in 2016 alone. In this article, we offer detailed accounts of two of our latest beverage packaging success stories.

Extraordinary products deserve extraordinary packaging

A top Estonian druid has created a potent elixir for those in the Northern climes to prevent illness and provide energy during the dark and chilly winter period. This magical potion includes spruce twigs, pine sprouts, birch leaves and vodka. To commemorate this unique brew, we thus created a gift packaging solution appropriate for this extraordinary product.

Re-board (honeycomb) as an innovative packaging material

The beverage packaging is composed of several layers of re-board (also known as cardboard honeycomb). The layers of the re-board are glued together to form the packaging. A bottle-shaped slot is cut out of the packaging billet. The product – an elixir bottle – is placed inside the empty slot. Voilà – this is The Packaging!

A honeycomb package as design packaging

Honeycomb (re-board) is a light and environmentally friendly packaging material. Paper-based honeycomb is generally used as protective packaging. However, our innovative design team have reimagined re-board, transforming it into an elegant material that’s also appropriate for design packaging.

beverage packages
Re-board packaging material
beverage packages
Koch bottle packaging

The re-board beverage package looks stunning, with the design complementing this unusual product. The ingredients of the potion are shown on the beverage package, and also behind the bottle itself. The design of the bottle serves to magnify the pictures of ingredients on the underlying packaging. The illustrations are visible through the potion bottle, which offers a suitably ’magical’ effect to the product.


High-end beverage package design concept

High-end design and packaging’s protective function come together in this unique beverage package. The hole for the handle makes the packaging easy to carry and perfect as a gift. Our packaging presents this beverage as a something really special.

Our elixir packaging concept is very strong and thorough. Every nuance and design element of this beverage package plays its part in making the extraordinary product truly stand out. This beverage packaging is one of our greatest packaging success stories of 2016!

Sleek bottle packaging: cardboard box with silver foil print

These simple, yet stylish packaging solutions for bottles of cider are another great example of prominent beverage packaging recently created by ingenuous team. Our client is the Estonian natural cider producer Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm. We developed and produced a chic yet unpretentious cider packaging gift box to showcase their product.

Corrugated cardboard is classic

We produced the beverage package from E-flute cardboard. This versatile material is made from two outside sheets of carton and a fluted inner sheet. Because of their arched design, the flutes resist bending and pressure. E-flute cardboard is strong material with properties that perfectly match the unassuming, but quality product.

beverage packaging
Tori Jõesuu cider packaging
beverage packaging
Cardboard packaging

Box for a beverage bottle makes it a unique gift

The cardboard box is closed at the top by its lid. Its edges are smooth, which makes the bottle easy to hold and light to carry. Placing the bottle into a cardboard box was a great idea because it offers a new twist on the traditional bottled cider. The packaging turns every bottle into a desirable present suitable for special occasions.

Natural cider beverage package design concept

The rough cardboard box is neatly embossed by silver foil print. We used die cutting to highlight the bottle inside the packaging box. As the labels on the cider bottles are colorful, the unobtrusive cardboard box subtly makes the product labels stand out.

A short but stylish and eloquent text on one side of the beverage packaging offers an insight into the product’s essence and brand values.

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