Custom-made packaging development process in detail

Custom-made packaging is the way to go if you want to make an impression with your product packaging. Whether you are building a brand, developing a product range or launching a new product, you should certainly consider ordering custom-made packaging to take your packaging to the next level. Custom-made packaging is more than just another standard FEFCO packaging or the same tired old packaging your customers have been familiar with for years.

What is the process for ordering custom-made packaging?

The process of custom-made packaging development consists of consultation, packaging development, preparation, production and logistics. Given that each of these steps takes some time, the process of custom-made packaging ordering may last from one to six months. Here at BIP, we are committed to custom-made packaging development, and execute each section with maximum dedication and professionalism.

custom made packaging
Custom Made Packaging

We will go through all the steps of custom-made packaging development using the example of our customer, Frenzy Xylitol pastilles.

Packaging consultation is the starting point for every successful packaging project

A meeting for the initial packaging consultation should be agreed upon when performing a query for packaging development. We agree on the time frame, deadlines, budget, process and delivery of the custom-made packages during the packaging consultation. We will fill in the first brief together with the client during the packaging consultation.

Finding a new individual packaging for Frenzy pastilles was the initial task we agreed upon during the first packaging consultation. However, we came to the development of group packaging (also used as display packaging) during the following packaging consultations. Thus, the initial idea of a single form of packaging transformed considerably over the course of numerous packaging consultations which took place within the framework of our packaging development process.

Creatives and engineers unite their skills during packaging development phase

The next phase – packaging development – involves design drafts, creating the prototypes and testing the blank packaging. The client makes their choice from several design concepts. Our packaging team then suggests the optimal packaging production solution.

The customer who ordered the new packaging for Frenzy pastilles had an original idea about creating pyramid-shaped packaging for the product. However, following testing and surveying, the triangular packaging solution turned out to be impractical. There was simply too much free space left between the packages during storage and transportation, and the product packing was unnecessarily complicated. Therefore, we suggested cuboid packaging as Frenzy pastilles’ packaging solution during another consultation. This solution was cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, and the client was delighted.

Preparation phase is preceded by custom-made packaging production

The packaging concept is finalized during the packaging development phase. The preparation phase follows the packaging development. We order the necessary tools and accessories for the packaging production during the preparation phase.

Generally, a range of equipment will be used to ensure high-level printing, embossing, foil printing, mounting or pressing techniques. For Frenzy pastilles, we ordered press tools, along with cutting-edge automated equipment and technology for the Frenzy packaging prepress.

Packaging production turns ambitious packaging design into material reality

We produce carton and cardboard packages in our own packaging factory. Production of the packages entails a great responsibility for our packaging factory production team. We treat every packaging project with maximum attention and care to ensure packages of the highest quality.

Logistics or storage of packaging is the final step in the packaging project

Ready-made packages are stored in our spacious warehouses or sent out to clients, both domestically and internationally. Our customer, Frenzy, received full-service product packaging from us. We also offered overpack solutions to respond to their packaging needs.

Ordering custom made packaging

If you are considering ordering custom-made packaging, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange packaging consultation. Our professional packaging team is dedicated to packaging production. See our services. You can send your query by using our contact form or writing an e-mail to

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